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At Mercer Jones & Co., we recognise the specialist needs of insurance provision for solicitors. In addition to the important area of Professional Indemnity Insurance, we ensure that other insurance policies are offered on a cost effective basis including the usual Property, Business Interruption, Employers Liability and Public Liability risks and other insurable risks that you may face.    
We understand and keep abreast of developments with Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance Market, including the policy wording and qualifying insurer requirements of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. We recognise that the cost and availability of cover for Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance is having an increasing impact on the profitability and in some cases viability of solicitors practices. Accordingly, we work with specialist underwriters and others in the Solicitors PI Insurance Market to ensure that we are well placed to assist solicitors with their insurance requirements.
The annual completion of proposal forms for Professional Indemnity cover is a key part of the process. We vet such proposal forms before we present them to underwriters, and we take the opportunity to discuss our findings with you. This is vital to ensure that we present the underwriter with both an accurate and complete picture of your business, including any additional information that reflects the positive risk management practices undertaken by our clients.
We believe that it is important to understand developments in the legal profession so we ensure that we network with solicitors and talk about issues that are important to the profession.
We have access to a number of insurers and underwriters including those offering competitive Office policies. We monitor the SRA qualifying insurers list and ensure that our market options fully comply with these requirements. By working with specialist underwriters we can ensure that the optimum approach is made to the insurance market on your behalf.
In view of the fast moving nature of the Solicitors Professional Indemnity marketplace, we strongly recommend to our solicitor clients that you work with us as early as possible in the year to ensure that you have the widest number of options for your insurance renewal.
We work closely with our clients and we think of ourselves as your trusted insurance advisor and part of your team. We provide a highly personal and professional service, offering a philosophy of “no surprises” so that you know where you stand.
Please talk to us about how we can review and enhance your insurance placement and risk management to ensure costs are kept under control and cover is right for your practice.