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At Mercer Jones & Co., we provide insurance and risk management solutions for a wide range of different businesses. We provide cost effective solutions for small and medium enterprises, as well as corporate business. We arrange cover with insurers for a variety of different trades and sectors. No two businesses are the same so it makes sense that no two insurance policies are the same!
We apply a professional approach and traditional values such as first class service to help guide you through the insurance marketplace to the right solution for your business. We have access to a wide range of insurers and underwriters, including both the insurance company market and Lloyds of London market to ensure that we match you with the right policy.
We recognise that each of our clients is a unique business. Each company faces different challenges and requires a different solution. Accordingly, we take care to understand your aims and objectives and how your business operates. Most important is that you are clear as to the outcome that you want from your insurance policy should you need to make a claim.This requires an understanding of how your business would react to different scenarios and what course of action you would take.
Mercer Jones & Co. offers advice on insurance placement, risk management and added value services. Accordingly, we can assist with issues such as health and safety, business interruption planning, motor fleet management, legal helplines, and reference points for further advice, all according to your individual needs and wishes. We also provide continual support to our clients through updates on changes in the insurance market and legislation that may affect our clients.
We provide advice to a wide number of different trades, including but not limited to:
  Manufacturing and product supply   Food and Drink
  Logistics and Transportation   Retail
  Professions   Social Care
  Contracting   Education
  Construction   and many others......
We take care to assess your needs and match them with a suitable insurer who will provide the cover that you require. In most cases, different trades will require a different form of policy, so in our opinion “one size does not fit all” but a tailored solution works best.
We believe that the difference we provide as an independent insurance broker is that our focus remains on providing individual solutions tailored to our clients rather than “off the shelf” products.
We work closely with our clients and we think of ourselves as your trusted insurance advisor and part of your team. We provide a highly personal and professional service, offering a philosophy of “no surprises” so that you know where you stand.
Please talk to us about how we can review and enhance your insurance placement and risk management to ensure costs are kept under control and cover is right for your business.